Workplace Procedure

Workplace Procedures

Our workplace procedure in your home

  • With your approval, we will move all your furniture to the centre of the room and protect it by covering with new plastic drop sheets.
  • Depending on your project requirements, you may be asked in advance to empty out cupboards included in the paint project.
  • We will cover all flooring with canvas drop sheets, sealing all flooring edges with 3M Blue 14 day tape to ensure your flooring surfaces are fully protected.

The key… it’s all in the preparation

  • All surfaces included in your paint project will be lightly sanded to remove debris or flaky paint or any blotched surface.
  • Water stained areas are normally primed and sealed with a water stain sealant.
  • Any cracks, holes and gaps will be filled and or reset with plaster, then sanded with 100% dust free Festo vacuum sander.
  • All repaired surfaces will be undercoated first.

Following completion of your paint project

  • We will ensure your home is vacuumed and left in a clean and tidy manner with no evidence that there was a tradesman present.
  • All furniture will be carefully placed back in its original position.
  • We will dispose of all paint tins and accessories offsite in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Additionally, we provide all clients with complimentary 2 litre touch-up paint pots of all colours used.
  • A final inspection is carried out in conjunction with the client and importantly the client signs off the job.
  • A 5 year warranty certificate will also be provided at the conclusion of your project.