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interior and exterior painting
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concrete colour sealer
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kitchen cabinet repainting
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timber decking
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Interior & Exterior Painting

Beautify and protect your most important asset.

Concrete driveway re-colour and seal

Clean, colour and seal traffic worn concrete driveways.

Give your kitchen a makeover

Painting the cupboard doors and drawer fronts is a great way to rejuvenate a tired or dated kitchen without having an entirely new kitchen.

So as long as most of your kitchen cupboards are in reasonably good condition ,repainting them may be a better, and less expensive choice than renovating your entire kitchen

If you are unsure of whether your kitchen cupboards are suitable for painting, we offer a no obligation onsite quote

Restoring and repainting kitchen cabinets and doors is a surefire way to inject some life into a tired and old looking kitchen. we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your kitchen cabinets and doors restoration exceeds expectations and transforms your kitchen.

We are able to deliver a highly durable finishes using Premium Australian made 2 pack acrylic system. This craftsmanship is combined with a dedication to exceptional customer service.


Timber Decking

The outdoors, barbeques, and drinks by the pool are all essential parts of the quintessential Australian lifestyle. While we might enjoy the enviable Great Australian summer weather. it does take its toll on timber decking. Our deck recoating services allow you to keep your outdoor area protected and looking its best.

The result is a professionally treated deck with an even coating of Australian made Premium Decking Stains and UV STABILIZERS and maximum protection from the elements.

We offer three specialised deck painting services, applied independently or as a complete package:

A professional finish to enhance the appeal of your timber decking
Ensure your timber deck stands the test of time with a quality maintenance service every 12 - 18 months
A protective finish that ensures your treatments last longer with a regular te