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Don’t detonate. Renovate your kitchen with low cost cabinet and benchtop refinishing instead. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing your kitchen when you can rejuvenate kitchen cabinets in good working order with our expertise and help? Repainting cabinetry and replacing door handles is a sure-fire way to transform a tired or dated kitchen.

Innovation Painting is experienced in restoring and refinishing kitchen cabinetry. Our skilled team members will repair and prepare surfaces ready for repainting. We apply a durable Australian made 2 Pack Acrylic System. Our care and craftsmanship will renew the cabinetry like new in the heart and soul of your home, where family and friends connect, are nourished, and share their stories.

We offer an obligation free assessment and quote to restore and refinish kitchen cabinets and benchtops. Contact us today to see if your cabinetry is suitable for repainting.