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OUR SERVICESRecolour and Seal Concrete Driveways

Over time, colour fades on concrete driveways. Likewise, dust and spills stain concrete garage floors making them unsightly. Innovation Painting makes these areas look like new by cleaning and recolouring, resealing or repainting. Our team are skilled and experienced in rejuvenating concrete driveways, garage floors and pathways to compliment your home’s façade and colour scheme.

For previously coloured driveways, we first clean the concrete using eco-friendly chemical and high pressure water to ensure the surface is free of contamination and flaking. After a thorough clean, two coats of a co-polymer solvent acrylic sealer are applied in your chosen colour. A slip resistant option is also available.

We only use Australian made premium quality colour tints and sealer. This ensures a durable finish which will look great for many years with just a little care and maintenance. Give your home a complete makeover. Talk to Anthony about the best method to revitalise these functional areas of your home.