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OUR SERVICESRestore timber decking

Timber decking provides that perfect entertaining space between inside and out. Where a refreshing drink and barbeque can be enjoyed outdoors under blue skies or a canopy of green, that quintessential Australian experience we love. Australia’s climate however, does take its toll on beautiful timber decking, causing fibre to weather and grey, mould and lichen to grow, and deterioration as well if left unchecked.

Innovation Painting can restore and protect your timber decking and privacy screens, and provide a semi regular maintenance service to keep it looking its best year after year. We only use high performance Australian made Intergrain prep products and timber finishes which are purpose made for Australian climate conditions.

We offer three specialised services, the choice is yours:
1. Preparation and staining (or painting): enhances and protects timber
2. UV Sealing: a protective coating that extends the life of treatments
3. Restoration and Maintenance Package: Service to inspect, restore and apply timber finishes every 12 – 18 months to decking and screens

Inspecting and maintaining timber finishes is critical in keeping your timber deck beautiful and functional year after year. Find out how Innovation Painting can help you maintain this most desirable of assets.